6 best tips on anal training

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A lot of couples are slightly intimidated to try anal sex for some uncertain fear. But anal play is as stimulating as any other sexual plays, if not more. The point is you have to do it right. It calls for proper anal training before you hit the backdoor.

Anal training, is simply, the training or preparation of the anal region for anal fun. However, the training part here does not only refer to the preparation of the butt. In fact, it also involves preparation of the right mindset to embrace the adventure of anal play.

Are you too planning to indulge into some steamy backdoor fun? Well, that’s awesome and here are some expert tips to guide you with anal training.

Clean your bowel

You must make sure to clean your bowel properly. Your partner won’t like to see something coming from inside just when s/he is fully charged and all set enter into you. You should also take a hot shower to calm your nerves and relax your mind.

Arouse each other

As per the experts, both of you should be aroused to the peak before getting into anal play. One of the best ways to arouse each other is rimming or butt licking. Your partner can exhale on your anus and then follow up with deep ass licking. It will create a hot and cool sensation in  your anus region and leave both of you more aroused. Besides, it will also help the anal muscles to stretch to ensure a smoother entry for your partner during anal sex. You can also try anal massage for a sexy stimulation. It’s very simple. Just ask your partner to rub his/her finger on your anal region in a circular pattern and you will find yourself aroused fast. Take as much time as you want for the arousal. When you are fully aroused, your body unleashes a kind of chemical concoction that makes the anal play easier.

Lubricate yourself

After you are aroused, it’s time to lubricate yourself. You have to grease up your anal region and your partner should oil up his fingers. You will also need to lube the toys that you are planning to have inside during the anal play. If both of you wish to conclude the adventure with a full-on anal sex, your partner should lube up his cock as well for smooth penetration.

Start fingering

If you are new to anal play, start the journey with fingering first. Your partner will have to finger your asshole till you get used to the poking sensation in your backdoor. Ask him to try with one finger first. Once you get used to it, he should try out with 2 and then 3 fingers. He should lube up his fingers whenever he will introduce a new finger inside your body. See, how that feels. If you feel pain, stop immediately. But if you are okay, you can graduate to anal toys.

Play with anal toys

A small butt plug will be a wonderful way to foray into the world of anal toys. Get a plug with vibration as vibration will help to loosen the muscles in the anal region. But make sure the butt plug comes with flared base. Such a base helps to keep rein on the plug and remove it easily whenever you wish to.

Receive your partner

If you enjoy your butt plug sessions, it’s time to get into some solid cock action. As mentioned previously, lube up your anal region again and your partner should lube up his cock as well. After everything is lubed up, you can enjoy a joyous anal sex session.