A Newbie’s Introduction to Urethral Sound

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Ever heard of Sounding or the use of dilators? Sounding is the insertion of an object into the urethra. That may sound very scary, but for some it is very exciting. They can even get an orgasm. The sounds dilators that can be used for this purpose are usually made of surgical steel, but there are also dilators of silicone. However, the advantage of surgical steel is that it is easy and easy to sterilize. And good hygiene in this game is an absolute must! After all, you do not want to give someone an inflamed urethra. Sounding can be part of ‘Medical play of Nursing’.

In addition to the sounds which are usually quite long, there is also a penis plug. These are usually shorter with a ring at the end. That ring can further stimulate the glands during the game. The difference between a sound and a penis plug is mainly in use. A plug for the penis is often used as a sex toy for extra stimulation. It can make the penis more sensitive, the erection remains longer and the orgasm is experienced more intensely. The dilator (or sound) is longer and is intended to stimulate the urethra. They can slide so deep into the urethra that they can touch the bladder. Be careful with this!

Sounding is an intimate and intense experience where the full focus is on the sexual organ of the sub. Your full attention and concentration lie on that spot. Only that already gives a feeling of excitement to the person who undergoes it. Let’s talk about the different kinds of sounding and urethral sounding benefits.


Sounding means the insertion of ‘something’ into the urethra. This can be a dilator, but this term is also used with a catheter or probe, for example. It is used in BDSM to experience sexual pleasure. It involves the insertion of smooth, thin objects. There are also CBs (chastity belt) that have a special pin that can be inserted into the urethra, and then the feeling lies more with the ultimate surrender to the Dominant.  However, always make sure that the tissue of the urethra is sensitive and vulnerable to inflammation.

Different versions

Sounds or dilators are available in different versions and sizes. There are straight bars, curved rods, rods in combination with vibrations, sounds made of surgical steel or silicone. But no matter how they look, the operation is more or less the same. If you are looking for more, there are many varieties of urethral sounding toys here.

Other names

This game and the attributes that can be used for this, has different names. It is sometimes called ‘cock stuffing’ (literally: ‘cock stuffing’) Also for the sounds are other names, such as dilator, dilator plug or hollow penis plug. However, it is always a product that needs to be put in the urethra.

The use

When you start working on this for the first time, it is important to know what you are doing and how you are going to do this. First of all, it is important that the sounds or penis plug is well sterile and has been thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Before use, clean them again with alcohol. You give the alcohol a good chance to evaporate before you get started. Place the sounds on a clean tissue or possibly in a clean kidney tray.

If the sounds are well ‘evaporated’ you take the smallest size. Apply a small amount of (sterile) lubricant at the end so that the rod can easily slide into the urethra. Hold the cock firmly with your hand does not pinch and let the rod gently slide into the urethra with your other hand. Above all, let gravity do the work and do not force anything! Do not cram, press or push, but let the rod slide into it automatically. If it does not work, then try again another time.

Once the stick has slid down, you can move it back and forth very quietly. Slightly lower and lower again: You can also run very small circles to stretch the urethra a little bit to the next sound. But do this really very quiet! After all, you do not want to damage the tube.

If everything goes well, take it out after a few minutes and repeat everything with a size bigger. You can do this just as often, until the stick no longer slides into it automatically. Then it’s done and your sub is on its ‘tax’. You can possibly go further with a size smaller, but do not force anything at all.

It may be that after sounding, it gives a burning sensation when urinating. There can also come a small amount of blood. In that case, a small vein has been hit. If the burning sensation remains present for a long time or if you keep losing blood do not hesitate to visit the doctor.

I am writing here about the use of sounding in a man, but sounding is also perfect for women. The actions are the same. It is important for both of them that they are as relaxed as possible.

Important tip: If the man comes to an orgasm during this game, remove the stick immediately, so that the sperm has a way out.

How do you use penis plug with glands ring

Always make sure that you are already familiar with the stretching of your urethra and the feeling that goes with it. Therefore start as an inexperienced user first with a dilator set. When you are ready for a penis plug with glands ring, there are a number of things you can take into account:

  • Always use lubricant. This irritates the skin of your glands and urethra as little as possible and makes it easier to insert the plug. Add more lubricant where necessary.
  • Always proceed carefully. Your urethra is very fragile and can be damaged quickly.
  • When the plug is fully inserted, you can stick your glands through the ring. Slide it all over or leave it halfway down your head. It is just how the model should be.
  • You can subtract or penetrate it. The ring will provide you with extra stimulation. Do not walk too fast. Your urethra can still be damaged if the movements are too rough.
  • A burning feeling afterwards is normal. On the other hand, contact a doctor if the burning sensation persists and if you bleed.


To prevent inflammation, it is important that you clean the sounds well before and after use. You can cook the sounds of surgical steel to kill all bacteria. If you use silicone sounds this is not possible and you will have to use other cleaning products. You can usually find these in medical web shops.

Do not use your sounds for more than one person to prevent the spread of any STDs. Play this game safely! And know what you are doing. Sounding is not a game that lends itself as a ‘quick snack’. Take your time and know what you are doing.

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