Bored of Sex? Here’s How You Can End It

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Leave Your Comfort Zone

You can’t cure sex boredom in your comfort zone. Just think about it — there are only so many times you can orgasm during missionary. Sure, it may feel good, but don’t you want to improve your sexual experience? We hope so.

There’s only one thing separating you from incredible sex, and that’s the thin wall of your comfort zone bubble. Breaking it can seem easy when talking about it, but it can be difficult to change your routine. So, what can you do? We suggest trying different positions and even including a couple of sex toys.

Sex toys provide different stimulation to various erogenous zones. That means you can’t go wrong no matter what toy you get. If you’re planning on using it with a partner, consult with them on which toy can be beneficial for you both.

Re-Evaluate Your Likes and Dislikes in Sex

Sex boredom guides will usually tell you to keep trying something new. But what about your likes and dislikes? Revisiting them is beneficial because your likes and dislikes can easily switch places. So, make a little list of your previous dos and don’ts and go through it.

We all grow mentally, physically, and sexually. Think back to your virgin days when you would gag at the mere thought of anything going into your anus. But now that you’ve tried it, isn’t it fun? If you haven’t, trust us — it is.

Your list of likes and dislikes can shift quite easily, and you’ll find yourself liking or wanting to try something you disliked before. It’s natural for people to be curious, and now that you’re older, you are wondering why you didn’t like those things when you were younger. You know what people say — don’t knock it till you try it, which is the kind of advice we’re giving you now.

Set Aside Personal Integrity

Personal integrity and having your own set of beliefs and values are important things in life. Well, they’re important in all things except sex. Being set in your ways when it comes to sex experiments isn’t good. That’s what’s keeping you inside of your comfort zone, and you have to be willing to change to have better sex.

When it comes to sex, you should forget all about what a man or a woman should be doing. Instead, focus on what you want to do and experience. When you let go of your personal integrity, your sex life will immediately improve.

That’s because you’ll freely explore and indulge in things you actually enjoy. It may take some time to completely let go and stop caring about what others will think. Your sex life is between you and your partners anyway, so nobody else will know what happens behind closed doors.

Identify Distractions and Unhealthy Routines

Boring sex can be a victim of your bad routine. Sometimes, you can’t really do much about your schedule. Maybe you work full-time and have additional responsibilities at home. However, finding the time to have fun sex is important. On the other hand, planning for sex can ruin the spontaneity that’s necessary for some people. So, be careful about switching your routine up.

Also, boring sex can just be a consequence of various distractions. Imagine starting to have sex with your lover, but then realizing that you’re going to be late for something if it drags on. So, what do you have to do? Resort to the boring old positions and do things as fast as possible to tend to your other responsibilities.

Having fun sex is just as essential to a healthy relationship as anything else. With that in mind, try to work around your schedule and have an open time slot. This will ensure you have the time to experiment and try something new, even during a workday.

Consult Sex and Marriage Experts

Unfortunately, things won’t always go as planned. That still isn’t a reason to panic. There’s a solution. If things are cold in the bedroom, it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. You could be innovative in the ways you have sex and even include sex toys for more fun. If none of that works, maybe there’s an underlying problem elsewhere.

When that happens, don’t shy away from sex and marriage experts and counselors. They are the best people to look for when things go sour because they’ll know exactly what to do. They’ll have to do some digging first, just to find what the problem really is.

Once you pinpoint the problem, it will be easy to come up with a solution. Marital problems aren’t unheard of, so you’ll be able to have exciting sex again once that’s out of the way.

Check Your Mental and Emotional Growth

Sometimes, men lose sight of sex. Not only that, but the thought of sex alone can cause boredom. This is because they can be looking to future things and focusing on them instead. Having these thoughts is normal and totally okay. At times, there will be greater things in life that need our attention, causing us to forget how to have fun.

However, reminding ourselves of how fun sex can be is easy in these cases. All men have to do is pause, think, and shift their focus. Don’t worry because other important things won’t suffer. You’re only going to be shifting your focus for a small amount of time anyway.