Choosing The Perfect Ben Wa Ball

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Preferably choose a soft and comfortable material that will facilitate the insertion and removal of Ben Wa balls. A silicone surface seems quite appropriate and hardly equal in terms of comfort for example: Smart balls. But Duotone Ben Wa Balls vs. Vibrating Ben Wa Balls, which one will be the best for beginners and as well as experienced people too.

Take a close interest in the design of the balls. Low-end Ben Wa balls often consist of two half-spheres glued together whose demarcation is clearly visible and very pronounced: it can unfortunately be irritating or even cutting during use and more specifically withdrawal.

Avoid too fanciful models that can book nasty surprises. Indeed, brands constantly compete ingenuity to sell us models that are said to always perform better but whose use is unfortunately all too often disastrous. So be wary of the many pimple models said to be particularly stimulating but which, in reality, cause some discomfort: the flexible pimples supposed to stimulate the vagina cause irritation and above all, are responsible for a withdrawal sometimes painful or perilous risk that a ball is stuck because of these pins combined with the presence of a string often too fragile.

Also monitor the strength of the strings that connect the two balls and allow the withdrawal. The traditional strings are usually very fragile and give way easily during the withdrawal. Favor the new plastic materials whose strength is much higher.

Opt for hygienic models, especially avoiding models with traditional string whose fiber, in addition to being likely to cause irritation, is not most conducive to a rigorous maintenance. Plastics are again to be preferred because they are more easily maintained with a little soapy water.

Tips and Warnings

Favor materials such as hypoallergenic silicone that have the advantage of combining strength and ease of maintenance. In general, avoid low-end models and first prices which, in addition to their inefficiency in terms of stimulation, can have very bad surprises: painful withdrawal, string that gives way, ball stuck in the vagina.

In Japanese culture, Ben Wa refers to a refined woman who devotes her life to the practice of traditional Japanese arts, to the accompaniment and entertainment of a very affluent clientele. But will not venture to talk about subjects that do not master enough. What know a lot better on the other hand and which would like to talk about today is the famous Ben Wa balls! Let be introduced you to these little wonders whose sales exploded after the release of the first volume of Fifty Shades of Gray.

A little history

First of all, where do they come from? Taken from Tao culture and tantrism, Ben Wa balls are originally made of jade, rock crystal or other semi-precious stones and have a diameter of 2 to 3 centimeters. Rest assured, no one is going to ask you to insert stones into your vagina, most of them today being made of silicone. The traditional practice of the Ben Wa ball is using a single ball, wireless. The use of a wire is done only for the purpose of attaching weight for advanced use notice to the most athletic of you. It is said that those who mastered the Ben Wa ball had an iron health, remained young and generous, regardless of their age and kept their sexual organs as firm and vigorous as a young woman. It makes you dream? Well, this is just the beginning.

The benefits of Ben Wa balls

You should know that Ben Wa balls or loveballs are used mainly for two purposes: one is therapeutic and the other recreational and that’s when we talk about Ben Wa balls as a sex toy.

As a result of their delivery or simply with age, many women complained that they had ended up with loose perineum, dilated vagina or even incontinence. Result? It’s give a pleasure that is greatly diminished during future lovemaking with his spouse. Yes gentlemen who read this article, know that if Madam Experiences pleasure during the act, it is not only because you ascended like a stallion. It is also thanks to the contractions it exerts on you with the help of its perineum.

Most physiotherapists and midwives agree that the use of Ben Wa balls would provide much of the perinea support by toning it after delivery. A small weighted ball is used and is intended to remix the perineum. The woman is then forced to keep her pelvic floor to prevent the ball from falling.

And it works! Many women recount their experience with Ben Wa balls and some even find it a shame not to have heard about it earlier, especially by midwives at the time of perinea re-education after delivery.

Do yourself good!

As said before, Ben Wa balls have not only therapeutic virtues, many women also use them as a sex toy and they are right! Indeed, some balls contain a metal ball that moves inside it. By moving, it will create vibrations that will spread on the walls of the ball and therefore directly to the wall of the vagina, very receptive to vibrations. If the ball is placed on your G point and it is assured orgasm!

Even though the Ben Wa balls were not designed as an erotic toy, Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele, hero of the movie Fifty Shades of Gray taken from the eponymous novel, put the Ben Wa balls on the scene if you dare say and have increased exponentially sales of them.

One of the many products derived from the film

Like a reminder, the Ben Wa balls will remind you of the existence of your vagina if you wear them during the day. The small balls will make you literally vibrate from the inside and will give you that feeling of internal echo. Some women even lend them soothing virtues by helping them to focus on themselves and relax. By allowing you to take or regain consciousness of your sex, you will necessarily new naughty ideas. What is more, a muscular perineum is very often a pledge of more intense orgasms for you ladies and for your dear and tender.

A short overview of the different Ben Wa balls as a sextoy

Composed of two balls of 3 to 5 cm latex or silicone, its balls are interconnected by a cord. Insert them and let the magic work or force the fate by using them in the same way as a dildo.

The ball model

As mentioned earlier, the movements of the ball will vibrate the walls of your vagina and you whole. The more you move, the more you vibrate. You imagine the jogging session.

Vibrating model with remote control

Here is a model that will please you. Although it is possible to use it alone, it’s still funnier to two. Tip: Do not give the remote control to your spouse if you have a meeting with your boss during the day.