Getting Familiar With Yoni Eggs

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Love Balls are one of the oldest love toys and are still very popular nowadays, especially since they have played a sensual supporting role in the erotic bestseller Shades of Gray and are now considered the gentle entry into the world of sextoys. But despite the high level of popularity, this adult erotic toy still raises many questions.

What exactly are love balls actually? What do you use them for? What types of love balls are there? Also, questions like “Make the sounds?” Or “Can other people hear the bullets?” Keep coming up. Answers and comprehensive information about the little love servants can be found here.

Love balls have their origin in Japan and from there they started their erotic triumph. Soon, the small ball duo also enjoyed great popularity in China and Persia and finally the erotic toy came to Europe. France, the land of sensuality, was one of the first European countries where geisha bullets were used – it was already there in the 18th century when it fell on the pleasure pearls.

The traditional Japanese name of the love balls is Rin-no-tama or Ben-wa

It means something like “ringing bells” and already three millennia ago they were worn by Asian ladies. Since life expectancy was very low in earlier times, many women had their first child early on and tried by theTraining with love balls to restore their sexual attractiveness as soon as possible to produce so many offspring. But even then, the Lustbringern were considered small jewelry and were made in egg shape usually made of jade or semi-precious stones. The traditional Japanese version consisted of three hollow spheres of silver, which were connected by small chains with each other. The largest ball was inserted first and was empty, as it basically only served to keep the other two balls in place. The second ball was filled with mercury and was at the correct position at the G-spotto stimulate this accurately. The third and smallest ball was then exactly at the vagina entrance and had inside a small ball of lead or iron. These metal balls, together with the mercury filling of the second ball, caused vibrations. Highly harmful components such as lead or mercury were soon replaced by more modern, skin-friendly materials. Although love balls were made for a while from metal and later from hard plastic, but now most lust balls are made of silicone or similar pleasant material. When you have sex with yoni egg then the deals are perfect.

The fact that people are familiar with the effect of love balls in other regions of the world without ever having heard of love balls was discovered by the physician Arnold Kegel on a research trip in the 1940s. Women from a South African indigenous tribe used nuts as natural love balls , training their intimate muscles after birth. From this observation, the physician developed his now world-famous pelvic floor training. Medical love balls, also called vaginal cones or vaginal weights, are now a recognized training method.

Structure and functioning of the love ball

Nowadays, classic love balls consist of two hollow plastic balls , each containing a small, heavy metal ball. The lust balls are connected with a flexible band and most ball duos also have a return strap for easy removal of the toy. Both the connecting piece between the balls and the return strap should have an elastomer coating (plastic) to ensure hygiene.

Howdo love balls work?

As soon as the balls start to move, eg when walking, running, dancing, swimming, etc., the small metal balls start to rotate inside , causing the hollow balls to vibrate – causing vibrations in the abdomen. These are perceived by each wearer as different strong – depending on personal feelings. The intensity of the vibrations also depends on the type of movement and the weight of the balls.

Love balls are mainly perceived as stimulating and erotic, but also have a training effect, such as postpartum recovery, incontinence prophylaxis or increased sensitivity.

Kinds of love balls

Due to the great popularity and increasing demand there is in between a variety of different love balls and therefore a wide selection. You can find a large collection and a discount when you enter coupon code 50% on checkout for cheaper yoni eggs here.

The small pleasure balls can vary in different ways:

  • material
  • Number of balls
  • mass
  • size
  • shape
  • structure
  • colour


Today, in the production of love balls mainly care is taken to use material that ensures both maximum hygiene , so also provides a pleasant feel – silicone is the first choice. But also balls made of high quality plastic, light metal or even glass are available. Depending on the material, the surface then feels cool and smooth or silky smooth. The mix of different materials such as silicone and plastic provides attractive contrasts.

Number of balls

The traditional Japanese version had 3 balls, whereas today the classic version has 2 balls. But also single balls, ball trios and balls quartet are available and who is in charge of the training effect, which can reach different heavy individual balls.


Love balls also vary greatly in weight. The spectrum ranges from lightweight plastic balls to different heavy solid balls. Depending on the purpose for which you want to use them, you can reach for light balls that erotically stimulate and fill in wonderfully, but less strain on the muscles, or you seek an erotic workout for the intimate muscles and opts for balls relatively high weight egTrainballs with 55g for beginners or with 140g for advanced.


love balls are available in different sizes, or with different diameters. Duos usually consist of balls of the same size, but of course there are exceptions. In ball trios and ball quartets, the ball diameter can also be identical, but there are also variants in which the individual balls vary in size. Beginners should not choose the ball diameter too large and slowly approach the appropriate dimensions. The ball diameter of average love balls is about 4 cm.


As the name implies, the little pleasure charms are classic spherical. But egg-shaped / oval or teardrop-shaped variants are available, as well as versions in which two balls are not connected by a bridge, but merge easily with each other or versions in which two single balls are delivered. In a novel variant, it is even possible to remove the balls from the holder. Thus, the balls can be used as a duo with return loop or individually as desired. For special occasions, unusual shapes are also popular, such as hearts as a gift for Valentine’s Day or motto balls such as the Spooky Love Balls for hot Halloween nights.