Training Webinars

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Since our community has grown bigger, we would like to offer you webinars that will deliver value-added content that you will love. Some of these are free, and some come with a very affordable price tag.

We want to use as a platform to spread awareness on topics that are normally ignored when it comes to sex. Topics vary from sexual health, love and relationship, and recreational sex activities.

Check out our upcoming events, and one might be near you!

Love, Sex, and Other Things
A webinar on sex toys can improve your relationship with your partner
FREE | September 29

Sexual Health Awareness
A webinar on how to achieve a healthy sexual relationship
FREE | December 15

Ultimate Sex Guide
A webinar on the science behind pleasure, stimulation, and sexual position
$19.99 | November 26

Talk Like a Porn Star
A Webinar on how to obtain confidence like a porn star
$12.50 | October 07

To reserve your slots, please shoot us an email at